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Our company is located in the Vale dos Sinos, in the city of Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. We operate in the textile market with high quality products constantly investing in infrastructure, technology and innovation. With four different factories in our industrial park, we have the knowledge and technology to develop a wide range of textile products. From modern knitting and digital printing, to more rustic and traditional weaving and crochet materials.

We always seek to be ahead of what is happening in the world, investing in market research and trend forecasting. Our creative team works non-stop in our own collections, as well as specific developments for clients.

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With great production capacity, our knitting factory produces hight quality items, both in linear meter and in the form of pre-finished products. Our team is highly qualified, able to meet the demands of style, finish and cost sought by our customers.


The crochet machines Ffrom our industry are unique, as are the products they produce. The ribbons we weave here are rich and well elaborated, opening a wide range of development and visual possibilities. In crochet, we produce strips up to 70cm, mixing threads in cotton, raffia, natural jutes, polyester, P.U., velvets, among others, according to the desired look.


With widths of up to 1.40m, the materials produced in our weaving are quite varied. Rustic fabrics come to life with our natural jute, cotton, raffia yarns, among others. We also produce lighter and thinner fabrics, such as linen, canvas and polyester bases for sublimation.


To create even more exclusive products in our factories, our braids and strings are also highlighted. Cords like São Francisco, virgulina, with and without elastic, as well as fine braids and twisted cords can be developed exclusively in our factory.


With an internal pattern development sector, we can offer exclusive patterns or adapt yours to our materials. Our style team is always looking for the latest trend in prints and guiding our surface designers.


In the finishing sector, metallization, prints and dubbing are the main focus. We are able to adapt everything we produce in our factories so that it fits perfectly to our custumer needs.

Our Work


Here we present a little about our collections. To check the complete selection, get in touch with our commercial team so we can understand your needs.

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